About Us

Eats Casual Blog came from two individuals who want to share their thoughts about food. They are inspired by all different kinds of cuisines and love the opportunity to try new things.

The makers of this blog are being open to life experiences. They’ll be the first to admit that they have a lot of food prejudices. It’s pretty fun to figure out what turns them off and what they think is unique.

This blog is dedicated to putting our thoughts on food and what we think can help others. Here, we will talk about whether something works well or not for food. For example, we can answer if onions are perfect with burgers.

Meet the Writers

Hi, I’m Jason.

As one of the writers for the website, I have to put my thoughts and be thorough in writing. As a writer for multiple websites, I’ve learned a lot about blogging and what I can do to make the blog posts appealing.

I can’t wait to show you some of my posts. You can quickly know if it’s my post if you’ll see my name at the end of the blog post.

Hi! I’m Ann.

I’m a blogger, food enthusiast, and Medical Technology instructor.

My passion for science, food, and writing gave me the push to become one of the contributors to this blog.

Here at eatscasual.com, I will share with you all my scientific knowledge about the most common food we love.

Let’s all crave knowledge about your favorite food and share it with the world!

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